Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my Obsessions on BEARS...heeeee

assalamualaikum...well..n0w here's is my obsession...
f0r th0se that kn0w me for a l0ng time or simply cl0se t0 me they kn0w h0w i l0ve bears s0o much!
as f0r this particular time..i own a very huge,fluffy,cutie bear on the earth,i called him "biJan" and he always be my "b0yfriend"..biJan was a gift fr0m a very mem0rable,sweet friend of mine..i will always remembered that pers0n and always praying f0r him f0r everything..f0r Allah sake,he's f0rever in my heart,he's f0rever own my respect n my l0ve..insyaAllah.. ^^
and n0t to be f0rgotten Bijan was a name given by syarie sarina a.k.a jerangk0ng a.k.a syer2 [she's my bestfriend]..heheheeee

next i have also a key chain bear i named "wak tini",actually my besties siti nur sakinah gave that name..it means "lelaki kecil"..dont laugh..ask kina why...hahahaaa..n a little bear fr0m my ex asassian roomate kim,i called it KIMMi n an0ther small bear fr0m my present n 5 years time c0ming to be r0omate,puteri nurul adila...this 0ne i dont think i ever named it...heeeeee...s0o..thats whats all my obsession about..i l0ve bears s0 very much..s0o pe0ple..if u r thinking of giving me presents,do c0nsider bears 0kay? of any sizes~ i just w0uld scream happily f0r any bears i can have...