Friday, June 24, 2011

sg petani vs SAINA~

bismillahirrahmanirrahim~ assalamualaikum wbr..

alhamdulillah3. I just came back fr0m a visit t0 sg petani kedah,precisely visiting saina [ p0kok sena sc sch0ol ]. Remembered h0w sucked up i felt when i was in kedah 3 years ago, still remembered i was s0oo not into that state. When i finished sch0oling, i said i w0nt come back f0r saina or even kedah if theres n0thing important but YET i still c0me n "ziarah".hahaa..

Kedah n its pe0ple is n0t really a rare place f0r me. i l0ve to see sawah bendang, i got excited. hoho. seriously. and in a simpler language, "utara ni besa ja utk ana", bec0z my mum origin is Nibong tebal thus since i was very y0ung, i learned t0 speak the language but i never once give a shot. s0o, when i got the offer to go to saina after umrah [ actually that letter arrived when we were still in Mekah, my dearest neighb0ur kept that letter safely n i was t0tally sh0cked when i found out about the offer and i cried badly bec0z my d0a in fr0nt of baitullah had been granted by Allah SWT,alhmdulillah3 ], i just knew that i had to go no matter what.

chantek kan chantek? subhanallah~

s0o, there i went spending my 2 years [ approximately 1 1/2 year only as i registered late ] of sch0oling. t0o many things happened and what i knew now everything that happened in Saina is h0w Allah SWT taught me about hardship is the way to gain ur patience,ur determination, ur wisdom n to show how differ pe0ple is. There i learned which is which. S0o last wednesday,i went t0 saina with my adek [junior actually] nurhanis zaroni @ hanz n latifah and hanz's br0ther brought us there. thanks mamat. haha

me n hanz~ *tgk kat mna tuh hanz..haha*

tcer n me~
gazebo baru byk~ excited sgt!

i met tcer zizah [ the m0st amazing,l0ving teacher ever],alhmdulillah. n also cikgu man [ my add math tcer, i was h0rribly bad in calculation ],also ckgu fathiyah, ckgu hussaini, ustaz halim, ckgu nadia, tcer maizurah and one of my favourite sir,sir suki [thank you sir, u had been such an attentive sir ], we went t0 surau, best3! i missed "s0lat jemaah" n i can still flashed back all the memoirs. sangat indah bila berkumpul kerana Allah SWT. subhanallah~

pintu nostalgia...hehehehehee

bes3..surau2 :)
lastly, i went t0 hostel. s0o much impr0vement, i like it, even DM [dewan makan] became more cheerful. like3. n the best part of all, meeting my dearly juniors!!! subhanallah,alhmdulillah. They were all fit,healthy n cutie as ever, "adek2 akak, i miss n l0ve u all so much bec0z of Allah"~ thahirah,nadroh,raisya,wahida,nadia,ju [ n sumelah..serious ]

but n0t f0rgetting SG PETANI~ hahaa..i stayed at hanz's place. They had been very acc0modating. Pak cik n mak cik treated me well. Mamat thanks a l0t for driving us around n Afifah Suhemi,thanks for showing me TESCO SP Selatan.HAHAHAHAA.. nnti kta buat lg k. Actually, SP is a bit sentimental place for me BUT i always says there must b a l0ss to gain something else. Right? Allah wont gave us anything f0r free, i l0st a pers0n but i got 4 new friends [aizat,fizah,fatin.ina], i endure hardship and in return Allah gave me a good course for degree [ just finished my 1st year in dentistry,alhmdulillah] and l0ts of great buddies in campus.

always remember. bear in mind keep in your heart that~

whenever Allah test y0u~it is NEVER to DESTR0Y you..when He rem0ves something in your p0ssession,it is ONLY tO empty your hands..f0r an even greater gift! 

and pray,

O Allah , When I lose hope because
My plans have come to nothing....

Then Help me to remember that your Love is 
Always greater than my Disappointments".
lastly,practice this one. s0o we will always be happy~

Dua Hal Yang Mesti di lupakan : 
1. Kesalahan Orang Lain padaku... 
2. Kebaikanku pada Orang lain 


Dua Hal yang Mesti di Ingat : 
1. Kesalahan ku pada Orang lain 
2. Kebaikan Orang lain pada ku

lets muhasabah n practice t0gether. ukei? m0ga Allah sntiasa barkahi kta..InsyaALLAH~
a part of saina..purplish..hoho~

dewan makan da chantek~

aspuri da chantek~


  1. hu8.. nk gi skolah lme gak... best nyer...

  2. insyallah..aspuri akan lbih mnarikk...

  3. nur :: salam kt skolah awak nnti :)

    syakira :: yakah? iALLAH.. :)

  4. Gambar2 di atas sayang kenapa harus disertakan gambar yg. tak sepatutnya...? Yang mungkin membuat insan lain mengumpat...mengundang fitnah...? Nak cari redha Allah byk perkara perlu diperhalusi...Pinggiran Darul Aman